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Hey! I’m Dominique, but feel free to call me Dom. Welcome to Vegan Juiceology.  I’m super excited that you stopped to visit the website!

Vegan Juiceology is an all-natural cold pressed juicery located in Baltimore, Maryland that started in my home kitchen in which all of the blends on the menu were born.


Currently, Vegan Juiceology operates out of a commercial kitchen located in Baltimore. The current base of operations allows us to locally cold press all juice blends fresh daily and seal them with infinite love.  


I’ve been athletic all of my life, played several sports, and never thought about making healthy choices because I never struggled with weight when I was younger. However, as time progressed, and I became an adult, my weight fluctuated significantly. I made poor eating choices. I would begin a workout regime, be consistent for a few weeks, and then, slack and fall back into old habits.

In March 2017, my life changed because I changed my mentality. I saw people my age, younger and older, dying for health reasons. So, I made the conscious decision to give up land meat, including beef, pork, lamb, and chicken, but still ate seafood and had already decreased my dairy intake.

Sidenote: You know, I am a Baltimore native and crabs, dipped in butter, gave me life several times per week during crab season, LOL. I was ADDICTED to crab and other seafood. Not to mention my mother’s Baked Macaroni & Cheese!!!

Anyway, in April 2017, I joined Rev Cycle Studio and did spin classes 10-12 times per week. In less than one year, I dropped 60 pounds. In July 2017, I became Vegan and my life continued to change and transform.


In October 2017, shortly after my birthday (GO LIBRAS), Vegan Juiceology was born. I always posted my food, smoothies, and other yummy goodness on social media for years. People always encouraged me to sell my food and beverages, but I never did. However, my personal journey and passion to help others understand the benefits of health and wellness, afforded me the opportunity to create Vegan Juiceology.

Vegan Juiceology has grown significantly within six short months. Currently, I am working to expand Vegan Juiceology to be a premiere locally cold pressed juicery in Baltimore, and I want you to come along for the ride!

So, take time to browse the website. Contact me directly for questions via email, phone, or schedule time to meet me.  I look forward to meeting and juicing up with you!

All The Best, All The Juice, & All The Infinite Love!