From Full-Time Corporate to Full-Time Entrepreneur


I received a layoff notice from my corporate job one year ago today. I will never forget the vague calendar notice for a "meeting." I will never forget the feeling in my gut and seeing my manager's face before he opened his mouth. I knew what was coming. I knew I was about to hear, "due to budget cuts, government blah blah, we are getting rid of your position." After 6+ years and moving up the ladder and breaking glass ceilings, a chapter of my life was ending two weeks after my layoff notice. At the time, little did I know I was not the only person to receive the same news. My heart sunk. My eyes filled with tears. I was devastated. My soul filled with bittersweet emotion; my core was stabbed. However, it was a blessing in disguise.

As you know, I'm a photographer and I've always wanted to be a full-time photographer, entrepreneur, and business owner. Today, I am so happy to share for the past year, I've accomplished that dream and I am beyond happy! I do not have to get up and work an 8-4, 9-5, or 50+ hours per week looking at spreadsheets, analyzing financials, or sitting in meetings. I AM FREE! I wake up, make my own schedule, sleep until noon if I want, exercise when I want, eat lunch when I want, and grind to expand my photography business and other entrepreneurial ventures 24/7. My layoff was the best thing that happened to me!

So, if you have a passion and you feel stuck in your current work situation, I encourage you to keep faith. I have so my friends that are full-time entrepreneurs because they quit their job or was laid off their job, and never looked k back to Corporate America!  You can, too!!!

I am blessed. I am humbled. I am motivated. I am a full-time entrepreneur. I am CREATE IT.

Fast forward to November 21, 2017:

I never envisioned being a full-time entrepreneur. I’ve been doing photography since 2008 while working full-time in Corporate America in Finance, Supply Chain, and Operations roles. I was laid off from my Corporate job in April 2016, and since then, I’ve been a full-time photographer. Despite the past year and a half having many ups and downs, I’ve always remained positive. I’ve surrounded myself with uplifting individuals. I’ve changed my eating habits and became Vegan. I’ve been committed to exercising regularly. I’ve been an inspiration to others who see my journey. I’ve been working diligently on my photography business and have gained a lot of new clients.

And, now, after much encouragement from family and friends, I’ve started a new business. The new business started after years of posting food, smoothie, and juice photos, and everyone telling me, “Dom, you should open up a restaurant.” or “Dom, do you sell your smoothies and juices?” I’ve even had requests to prepare food for events. My love for food, juice, and healthy living and wellness, is the inspiration behind my new business, Vegan Juiceology. Stay Tuned!